Andrew Macurak

The financial industry is a huge driver of community and national prosperity, and government invariably plays a key role in its affairs. I entered the public service because I am interested in that pivot point -- that junction between sectors that has the potential to create value for all sides.

I've had diverse careers, including management analysis, community outreach, finance and budgeting, marketing strategy, and program development. My career has taught me how to work across disciplines to solve big problems and launch new initiatives. My career has also taught me where my own professional value lies:

  • I am a skilled facilitator and project manager.
  • I help to bring the best out of interdisciplinary groups, and I view their success as my own.
  • I am a straight-talker and I am cool in a crisis.
  • I am as passionate about people as I am about data. I help techies and managers to understand each other.

I am always interested in new opportunities to learn and grow. Drop me a line.

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